Dr. Thibaud CORADIN

Preparation and processing of type I collagen-based biomaterials


Biomaterials constitute a highly diverse class of materials, from metals to polymers, that share a common basic requirement of biocompatibility, i.e. that are able to interact in a positive manner with the host body. This necessary condition has a huge impact on the chemical nature and processing conditions of its constituents. Considering its abundance in mammalian tissues, type I collagen is a biopolymer of choice for the design of biomaterials for tissue repair. However its complex physico-chemistry behavior makes its processing very challenging while its hydrophilicity hinders its applications in medicated devices. In this presentation, we will show our recent developments in the preparation of collagen-based scaffolds for tendon repair especially using extrusion methods and controlled freezing approaches. The design of bionanocomposites using additional polymer or inorganic particles for the controlled and prolonged release of drugs in the context of skin chronic wound repair will also be described. We will also emphasize that in vitro and, when possible, in vivo studies evaluations can provide a useful feedback to improve the overall design of biomaterials.

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Thursday, March 8th
Dr. Thibaud CORADIN